Blogvent Day 23: Under Construction...

A long long time ago now, on the 1st December, I blogged about how much I love gingerbread houses and how I'd been challenged to make one this year.

Well, that process finally got started last night as I made my gingerbread! Can you see the deliberate mistake though? Yes, there is no door, and there are no windows. Helpfully, after they'd been in the oven for about 10 minutes, a distant voice shouted, 'Did you remember to cut the door out?' Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh! No, no I had not remembered, and it was all I could to restrain myself from yanking it all out of the oven and hurling it into the bin! I will just have to pipe them on!

I was hoping to stick it all together today, but got bogged down with wrapping presents and getting last minute bits from Tesco, so I'm just hoping work let me go early tomorrow so that I'll have time to put it together! But whatever state it's in tomorrow, it will be the final Blogvent post! So I'd better pray I can do something with it, really...

Here's one of the other last minute things I got from Tesco! How cute is he?!


  1. I think its perfectly fine to pipe the windows and door on, nothing wrong with that at all. Can't wait to see the finished house. If I don't catch up with you before have a very Merry Christmas ;0)

  2. I saw them in Tesco and had to restrain! Can't wait to see your gingerbread house all made up - I was looking at some of the kits but you don't even bake the gingerbread, just put the decorations and icing on! WHAT A CHEAT!

    Don't worry about forgetting to cut out the doors and windows - all the more gingerbread to be eaten up! :) x


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