Blogvent Day 20: Christmas Pud Cakes at last!

After posting about this recipe a couple of days ago, I was so pleased when I got a spare couple of hours inbetween Tesco, Asda, cooking a Sunday roast, and watching the Apprentice to bake these Christmas pud cakes! I'm also really pleased to be able to blog about something I've made myself again! Lovely as it is to discover and share things that others have baked, it was only making me feel more sad that I hadn't had chance to make anything myself last week.

If you do try this recipe, I'd advise leaving the custard powder out of the icing - I followed the recipe exactly but my icing turned light pink! I had to throw it out and start again, and minus the custard powder it turned out great.

I was a bit annoyed that I got specks of the cake in the icing, but I think that was in my haste to get the icing on before it got too congealed! They were pretty heavy going - very chocolately! - and I had to pick out the cherries, but apart from that they were yummy! I'd definitely recommend this recipe - it's quite straight forward and they really do look like mini Christmas puds, which makes for a great effect. Plus they taste way better than all that yucky fruit in a real pud! Recipe available on the BBC Good Food website.


  1. look yummy - welldone u! U have been v busy!

  2. They look so sweet! I feel a blog steal coming on!!!
    PS - We were watching the Apprentice too, so annoyed that Chris didn't win!


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