Blogvent Day 18: Christmas Pud Cupcakes

I'm very late today with my Blogventing, Mike was laughing at me that I've been so good all week despite being stressed with my new job, and the first day I'm off, I forget all about it!

I was hoping to make these this weekend, plus a whole load of other Christmassy treats too, but I went to Asda to get supplies and got so stressed in making sure we got the Christmas food (how can Asda run completely out of spuds?!) that it was too much to think about baking supplies aswell! On the upside, I did get some ace festive cheeses :)

Anyway, the recipe for these cupcakes is here (good ole BBC Good Food again!)


  1. I know just what you mean! Thought it was just us lot here in Scotland that were suffering with a lack of supplies. Great looking cupcakes, hope you get the chance to make them!

  2. I have too many potatoes since everyone came down with a bug and my family aren't coming to my big pre-christmas roast feast! I'd gladly share!! got any good potato recipes??? ;-)


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