Blogvent Day 17: Gingerbread Men

Photo by Kara at butter hearts sugar and used with permission

Are these or are these not the best gingerbread men you've ever seen? Today's Blogvent post is these gingerbread men that I saw on a fabulous blog I have just discovered - butter hearts sugar.

I love anything gingerbread man related, but I fell in love with these instantly because they reminded me of those Fred & Ginger birthday cards you can get - I went through a brief obsession with them and used to buy them for everyone because I thought they were hilarious, but then I kept thinking I must've bought people the same one twice at some point. I've since moved on to the 'Violent Veg' ones, which always have me rolling in the aisles at Clintons!

Anyway, I digress! Despite loving gingerbread men so much, I have yet to bake them myself! I am definitely going to follow Kara's recipe when I get myself a decent sized gingerbread man cutter.

Visit butter hearts sugar for more lovely looking and beautifully photographed bakes!

I'm so glad this week has come to an end. I'm really hoping I can bake some things myself over the weekend!


  1. Yay! It's Friday :) Enjoy your weekend off! These gingerbread men do look fab !! x

  2. Love the half eaten gingerbread, too funny!

  3. I've never thought of baking them in half, but oh how they make me chuckle - will for sure be trying this!


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