Blogvent Day 15: Spiced chocolate cake

Today I'm bring you another item from my baking wishlist - look at this beauty I came across in the Sainsbury's magazine!

Chocolate! Ginger! Cinammon! Decorative stars! It basically features all the greats, and looks amazing too, but the only thing stopping me from making it this year was the fact that I didn't have the right tin - sounds like a lame excuse, but I'm having to build up my baking paraphernalia slowly and often I end up picking recipes based on whether I've got the right tins. I'm sure I could have done this in a different tin, but I'm not clever enough yet to know what that tin should be and whether I should make any adjustments to the measurements. Plus, I just don't think this would be the same if it wasn't in a jolly ring shape...!

The recipe is available online here.


  1. Mmm sounds lovely! I'm the same with building up my tins lol... never can have enough different types! I love TK Maxx for really good quality ones but a lot cheaper!


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