Blogvent Day 14: Chocolate Stars with Nuts & Cranberries

Unfortunately, for the next couple of weeks this blog is mostly going to be 'here is what I wish I'd been baking...'! This is the first example - a recipe I saw in the December issue of the Good to Know Recipes magazine.

I can prove I meant to make them - you can see my little sticky label on the top of the page! These got bumped down the list though because they needed to set in a container, which means that they'll probably end up setting all unevenly as the fridge is quite small, and things tend to end up balanced precariously on top of each other! They actually look quite simple to make and I love white chocolate, which would balance out the nuts and cranberries which I'm not so keen on!

Hopefully next Christmas I'll have a bigger fridge and I can give them a go! The recipe is available online here.


  1. Mmmmmmmmmm they do sound good. I think I have that maag but I don't remember seeing them, time to pull all the christmas mags back out I think ;0)


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