Monday, 13 December 2010

Blogvent Day 13: Christmassy Cake Pops

Today's Christmassy baking treat is from Charlotte's Cupcakes! I love these little reindeer cake pops and you can visit Charlotte's blog to see some cute snowman ones too, aswell as lots of other yummy cakes she has been baking. The recipe that Charlotte used is available on the Bakerella website here.

I love the idea of cake on a stick but my only worry is that one bite wouldn't be enough and I'd have to eat the whole lot!


  1. Here, Here! I would want to eat them all too :)

  2. Good point - I'd have to have more than one! Lots of people seem to be making these at the mo, they just seem as though they must be horrendously complicated to me? xx

  3. reindeer and cake, what more could you ask for!!

  4. How cute!! Not sure I'd be able to eat one though lol


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