Blogvent Day 12: Peppermint creams

I'm a bit late today with my blogvent post, but better late than never!

We were having some friends around today and I wanted to make something a bit different from the usual mince pies to have with a brew after lunch. I saw the recipe in the latest Good to Know Recipes magazine - can't find it online, so I will post below!

They are so simple to make, but very messy and quite fiddly! It took me ages to get the consistency right to roll out the mixture - basically I had to add a lot more icing sugar than the recipe suggested, but that might have been me being a bit over zealous with the peppermint extract and so it was too runny because of that. Anyway, it was worth the faffing!

115g icing sugar
55g condensed milk
few drops of peppermint extract
25g plain chocolate, melted

1. Gradually mix together the icing sugar and condensed milk in a bowl. Mix in a few drops of peppermint extract.
2. Knead the mixture until smooth and firm, and roll out to 5mm thickness. Cut into shapes with a small cutter and leave in a cool place to set.
3. When set, decorate the peppermint creams by drizzling the melted chocolate over them with a small spoon. Allow the chocolate to fully harden before serving.

This week will be a challenge Blogvent-wise, as I am starting my new job tomorrow! So I will be on the lookout for yummy Christmas recipes from other bloggers to share with you, as I'm pretty sure the only time I'll be spending in the kitchen this week will be to warm up some ready meals!


  1. Oh-Oh Gary absol loves Peppermint Creams so I think I'll be having to make these!! They do look pretty easy though :) Hope new job goes well, thinking about you!!

  2. These look gorgeous and you've reminded me how much fun I used to have making them (with the obligatory green food colouring at school - MUCH better without)!


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