Blogvent Day 10: Better gingerbread cupcakes!

Photo is by Ruth at The Pink Whisk and used with permission

Oh how much do I wish I had waited a bit longer before making my gingerbread cupcakes, after I saw this recipe this morning!

The Pink Whisk has today posted a recipe for gingerbread cupcakes which looks a million times better than the one I used, and the little gingerbread men decorations are so cute! See the recipe here.

I really want to have a go at these myself but they may have to wait until next year - I found out yesterday that I am finally starting my new job on Monday and so I don't think I am going to have time to do anything much else other than drool over lovely things that others have baked now!

Visit The Pink Whisk for lots more lovely Christmas recipes!

Also I am really happy to say that I won the prize for the November Bake It Club at Cooking, Cakes and Children with my attempt at the Chocolate Fudgy pudding! I will definitely have to make sure there is time to bake some Christmassy biscuits with my cutters! Thanks Amy!


  1. I love the look of those gingerbread cupcakes too! Good luck for your new job! :) x

  2. Loving those little gingerbread men! Too cute!


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