Blogvent Day 1: Gingerbread Houses

For the past few years now I've drooled over the gingerbread houses in places like Selfridges and John Lewis, and this year there is a recipe in Sainsbury's magazine that my friends and family have challenged me to try...

It's quite daunting reading through the recipe (especially when you get to the page with diagrams and measurements!) but I am determined to give it a try this year.

Unfortunately, the Sainsbury's recipe doesn't seem to be available online, but here are links to other similar recipes:

If you don't fancy making one from scratch, I have seen a few 'kits' in the shops that just need assembling. I've seen Dr Oetker kits in the supermarkets, but there are also kits available from
John Lewis, Jane Asher, and Selfridges.

If anyone else is attempting a gingerbread house this year, or has done one in the past, I would love to hear from you!


  1. They look stunning don't they?! Good luck with your creation, I'm sure it will look fab! x

  2. Good luck - They always look beautiful but I've never tried one myself either!


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