Bake It! Club November - Fudgy Chocolate Pudding

I've been wanting to try out a recipe from the Bake It! Club over at Cooking, Cakes and Children for a while now, after first hearing about it through Nicola and her lovely blog Nic's Notebook. And finally, I've done it!

This month's recipe for Fudgy Chocolate Pudding (which can be found here) was impossible to resist, especially when living with a chocoholic. It was really easy to make and perfect for warming us up on this freezing snowy day! Ice cream would have been my ideal accompaniment but we didn't have any, so I went with the simple dusting of icing sugar, which ended up being quite apt for today's weather and felt quite lovely and festive too!

Will definitely be keeping a copy of this recipe in my book as it will be perfect for feeding a crowd over Christmas. Can't wait for another helping after tea!


  1. Ooooh soo glad you got to make it!! It's even better with ice cream mmmmm!


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