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Bake It! Club November - Fudgy Chocolate Pudding

I've been wanting to try out a recipe from the Bake It! Club over at Cooking, Cakes and Children for a while now, after first hearing about it through Nicola and her lovely blog Nic's Notebook. And finally, I've done it!

This month's recipe for Fudgy Chocolate Pudding (which can be found here) was impossible to resist, especially when living with a chocoholic. It was really easy to make and perfect for warming us up on this freezing snowy day! Ice cream would have been my ideal accompaniment but we didn't have any, so I went with the simple dusting of icing sugar, which ended up being quite apt for today's weather and felt quite lovely and festive too!

Will definitely be keeping a copy of this recipe in my book as it will be perfect for feeding a crowd over Christmas. Can't wait for another helping after tea!


I came across this lovely Blogvent idea through Fayefayesparkle and Clobelle's blogs and thought I would try and take part. Basically, it works like an advent calender, so every day you post something Christmassy! I will be trying to take part with a baking theme, of course - so over the next 24 days I'm hoping I'll be able to blog about Christmassy treats I've made, or yummy recipes that I've spotted on the web or in some of the many magazines I've been poring over recently. I really hope I'll be able to do it, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's festive treats, too!

Victoria Sponge Take 2, Halloween and Bonfire Night...

As it's taking me quite a while to blog about what I was baking while the net was down, I thought I'd do a round up post to cover the rest so I can then get on with posting about the Christmas goodies I've been making this week!

I resurrected the failsafe Victoria Sponge recipe for Mike's sister's birthday at the end of October and we decided to just cover it with sweets (another clever tactic to mask the fact that I'm actually quite rubbish at proper cake decoration). I really liked the effect and she seemed pleased too! Looking at it again now makes me feel a bit sick, as I had to bake 3 Vic sponges in October, so think I will have to lay off it for a while now...

Next up was Halloween, and I'd been on the lookout for some scary recipes. Mike bought me this fantastic book, Lilli Vanilli's A Zombie Ate My Cupcake which has some amazing recipes in! But this year I decided not to try any of them, as I didn't feel confident that I'd be able to d…

Happy Birthday Dad

The first week in our new place was quite stressful for an added reason: I'd been asked to bake a cake for my Dad's 60th birthday! A table had been booked at the Marsh Cat in Parkgate and so I knew my cake would be coming out from the kitchen for all to see - argh! This was extra worry because the part of baking I really need lots more practice in, is the presentation...

Luckily, my Dads cake of choice is Victoria Sponge and so I knew it wasn't going to have to be too complicated, but I still did a practice run as I'd actually never baked one before (despite it being my favourite too) and to get used to the new oven (convenient excuses to have a whole victoria sponge all to ourselves!)

I used this recipe from the BBC Good Food website which I'd highly recommend. I've used it three times now (more on that in a later post) and it's not let me down. I just used strawberry jam (Bonne Maman to be exact) to sandwich it together and doubled the buttercream to spre…

First week in our first home

Hello! I'm baaaaaaack! We are FINALLY online, nearly 2 months after placing our order. What a palava! I'm so looking forward to catching up on everyone's blogs, I can't believe how out of touch with the world I feel.

I have quite a few baking posts lined up, but first I wanted to share some pictures from our first week in the new place - I was snapping away on my Blackberry as the camera was packed away in a box somewhere!

1. Favourite bit of new place #1: Beams! I have always wanted to live somewhere with beams.

2. Favourite bit of new place #2: the lounge. It's tiny, but cosy, and I love the brickwork around the patio doors.

3. Favourite bit of new place #3: my round window! This is right next to the bed and I love lazy mornings in bed watching the world go by... well, the occasional tractor at least!

4. Breakfast on the first morning. I was overjoyed at finding a toast rack in the cupboard! Needless to say, it hasn't been used since...

5. Surely no…