Recent cupcakes and a tantrum

Firstly I wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely comments on my last post. I'm still quite new to the blogging world, and I'm never quite sure on the correct etiquette for responding to blog comments. I'd like to respond to all of them individually, but I worry that people don't check back to their comments for replies... some I've been able to reply to the email notification, but that's not always possible. Anyway, I'm sure I'll work it all out in time!

I'm pleased to say that WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!! So we're moving in on Friday, September 24th. I can't wait! Apart from having my own kitchen, I also can't wait to have people round for tea and I've already started thinking of menus in my head. I also wanted to be baking things each week so I've always got treats in for when people come over, but I'm sure that will never work out in reality... I'll probably get really lazy. Plus, there probably won't be much time left for baking after cooking, washing, ironing, hoovering, scrubbing the bath... argh! What am I doing?!

I haven't done much baking over the past couple of weeks due to some friends being over from Canada, so we have been out and about with them. However, I did find time to whip up some cupcakes for a friend's birthday. She is a total girly girl so I went a bit crazy with pink buttercream and lots of sprinkles. I want to make the buttercream pinker next time, but as it was my first time colouring it, I played it safe as I didn't have time (or enough butter) to make any more if it went wrong...

Also I found a different cupcake angle!

And then came my first strop. Mike has been wanting to try icing for ages, and since I'd done the ones I needed for my friend, I let him finish the cakes off. Oh dear. I should have known that he'd be good at it, since he has a design degree, and does everything painstakingly slowly with his tongue out for concentration. He even placed his sprinkles on one by one! Rather embarrassingly, I had a bit of a childish tantrum when his cakes were iced better than mine... after a few days, I was calm enough for him to tell me where it seems I'm going wrong, and just to prove I'm over it, I'll post a picture of his beauties! I do take comfort in the fact that they are pink cupcakes with sprinkles and therefore probably the most girlyish think he could have iced...

Anyway, I will be back very soon with chocolate toffee cupcakes and hopefully a carrot cake, which I'm going to be attempting for Mike's dad's birthday. It will be a nice change from cupcakes! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. Lol... that's the sort of thing I get annoyed at! Gary is waaaayy better than me at doing fiddly things, I just rush them whereas he wants them to be perfect first time! Lovely pics of the cupcakes - I want to eat one now!! Glad you got the house OK, and yes you will be kept busy doing all the cleaning and tidying up after Mike lol..! :)

  2. That would drive me into a fit of fury too. My ex was waaaaay better than me in the kitchen, just naturally good at stuff and it used to drive me up the wall. Well done you for finally calming down though!

    Congratulations on the house, it'll be so nice for you to bake in your own kitchen.

  3. I missed this post when you wrote it - hurrah for the house! Your cupcakes are gorgeous - loving the image of your fella with his tongue out wielding a piping bag!

    PS - I'm never sure about responding to comments either, and I certainly never check back. Other people seem to respond in a comment on my blog, or in their next post...?


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