My Valentine

One of the first batches of cupcakes I made was for Valentine's Day.

My boyfriend has a very sweet tooth (actually, I think all of his teeth are sweet!) and because I was a poor student at the time I didn't have a lot of money for a present, so thought I would bake him something instead.

They are from this book and I used silver balls to decorate instead of the jam suggested in the recipe, because it seemed a bit fiddly and I thought the balls looked prettier. I made some vanilla ones because I originally thought the white icing would look the prettiest, but I also made some chocolate ones too because they are his favourite, however, I think the chocolate ones actually look just as good!

As luck would have it, one of his Valentine's presents to me was a cupcake stand!

A confession: Not all the photos that will appear on the blog will be this good - these ones were taken by my boyfriend on his fancy pants SLR camera! Here's a close up - as you can see the finish is far from perfect but hopefully I'll get there one day!