The First Post


I've been trying to learn to bake for the past year or so. I'm not sure why I suddenly became gripped with the desire, but I remember buying a birthday cake for my best friend in February last year and thinking, 'wouldn't this just be so much better if I'd made it myself?' Also, my Grandma loved baking, and would always bring out some homemade cake or scones whenever anybody called for a brew, and I think it would be nice to do the same. I've also been heavily influenced by Desperate Housewives, and would love to be the kind of person who can whip up a basket of muffins at the drop of a hat, like Bree.

So I started following some blogs, and picked up a couple of books, and got stuck in. It was hard at first because I have a chronic egg phobia, so for a while, I could only make cookies because I couldn't bring myself to crack an egg. But then I conquered my egg phobia and the world became my oyster! I still have to hold my breath and pull strange faces as I beat the eggs, but I'm getting better...

And I'm pleased to say that this year, I baked a cake for my best friend's birthday! It wasn't great, and it wasn't iced very well, but I hope the fact that it was baked by me with love made up for the shoddy icing job! Here it is:

I've just finished my degree, so I'm enjoying having a lot more free time to bake at the moment, and so thought I would set up a blog to document my efforts, and hopefully it'll be nice to look back in a few years to see how far I've come. It would also be lovely to meet some like-minded people to chat too and swap recipes and tips with, so I'd be delighted to hear from anybody else who enjoys baking, or just enjoys chatting in general :)