Feeling Fruity

I'm really not a fan of fruit and I usually have to bribe myself to eat it, so the thought of ruining a lovely little cake with some nasty bits of fruit makes me feel quite uncomfortable! But I thought that some of the recipes looked quite good, and I thought I could always pick the fruit off mine, so I tried a couple out!

These fairy cakes were from 101 Teatime Treats and were actually the first lot of cakes I made when I started to bake, back in January for my step-sister's birthday. They are really simple - just plain fairy cakes with a dollop of marscapone, a raspberry and a dusting of icing sugar - but I think they look pretty.

For my step-mum's birthday in March I made some strawberries & cream cupcakes from 200 cupcakes - again, just plain fairy cakes with the middles scooped out, some whipped cream spooned in and sliced strawberries on top.

I wasn't too impressed with the presentation on these ones, it didn't look as good as the book... I think mostly because I'd overwhipped the cream. I was planning to do them again at some point during Wimbledon, and was thinking I might pipe the cream and then just top with a whole strawberry - since I think my slicing skills are also an issue!

I was just about to say that rhubarb is the next fruit on the list to try, but apparently rhubarb's actually a vegetable... either way, I like the idea of rhubarb and custard muffins, so I'm hoping to try those soon!


  1. Rubarb and custard?! Hell. yes.

  2. i love rhubarb cake, i made a really good ginger & rhubarb cake last year. hmm i love rhubarb in anything though.


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