Adventures in Chocolate

I've not tried baking many chocolatey things so far; in fact I think the only chocolate cakes I'd ever made were the Valentine's Day ones. So, since my boyfriend is a chocolate fiend, I thought I should get some practice in.

These chocolate drop muffins were an interesting experience! I'd never tried muffins before and the recipe was a bit different to what I'd got used to - it included yoghurt for a start. I baked them for the stated time but they still seemed undercooked, even though the tops looked like they were starting to burn, and so maybe the skewer test wasn't appropriate for a recipe including yoghurt... I again made the mistake of trying one before icing - I really need to learn to stop doing that! But once the chocolate frosting had been applied they were really quite nice! Luckily I don't think the excessive time they spent in the oven did too much harm, but I think next time I should take them out a bit sooner.

Next on the list was an actual chocolate cake! I saw this recipe posted by Helen on her lovely blog Afeitar and had to try it out! I had a few 'issues' with the icing, I just couldn't get the consistency right and struggled to spread it at first, so ended up not having enough to spread over the sides aswell, although this did mean that there was a lovely thick layer on the top of the cake! Helen's tip of putting it in the microwave for 30 seconds was a good one - my boyfriend (an expert in all things chocolate) reckoned it was one of the best chocolate cakes he'd ever tasted! Well, I can only hope that wasn't just flattery... because I'm making it again for his birthday on Friday! Hopefully I'll get the icing right this time and it will look somewhere near as lovely as Helen's did! Thank you so much to Helen for sharing the recipe.


  1. oh i'm so glad you liked my/gill's cake! i haven't made it since then actually but i really should do.

  2. It really was lovely! I made it again last week and thought it was even better second time around, especially as I got the icing right and managed to do the sides, too - got some pics that I'll post up soon.


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